2000 Web Design Sand Box


All about our SandBox

 Welcome to 2000 Web Design's new SandBox.

This is the SAMPLE website for 2000 Web Design.  We do not sell any sand or gravel.  This site is for demonstration purposes only.

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Gray Cement

Sandbox Specials

We value our customers, so we have placed items on our Specials List that we feel our customers will have special interest in.

Why Sand?

We wanted to provide a nice place for our customers to play in. So after trying many assorted sample products, we decided the best place to play would be a sandbox. You can get your fingers dirty or just sit with your feet in the sand. But whatever you prefer, you will find it here in the sandbox... And if you do not see it here... just ask.

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Black Rubber Mulch
Winter Leaves

Custom Work

While this SandBox is a good example of many of the great features we can provide, our specialty is custom work. So you will know that your site will be built exactly the way YOU want it.


Designing the Future...
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